All orders should be placed at least two weeks in advance. All events are secured with a deposit. (card,cash or check(businesses only)

Please visit our pricing page which has the starting prices for all of our most requested pieces.Pricing can vary for specialty designs depending on the size and detail.If you have a specific design in mind please fill out our request for a quote form and submit photos for pricing.

We offer three different arch sizes please be sure to choose the best size for your space. Make sure the ceilings are tall enough to accommodate your arch. We offer the following sizes.

  1. Single Doorway Arch(4ft by 8ft)
  2. Medium Arch (8ft by 8ft)
  3. Large Arch (15ft by 15ft)
  4. Square Arch (7ftx7ftx7ft)

Air filled balloon designs can last up to a week or longer depending on the environment.On the other hand outdoor balloon designs we don’t quote specific lifespans  due to the outdoor conditions and variables that may affect your decor. (i.e. rain,sunlight,wind,ect.)

We serve the Greater Grand Rapids area.

In the event of a cancellation all deposits are non-refundable any amount beyond the deposit which is 50% of the total balance will be returned to the customer.

We will email your invoice through our secured credit card payment system in which you can pay by card. You also have the option to pay cash or check (business only).

Please click the “request a quote” option and submit the quote form.

Balloon-A-Fied Customers Include...

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